Second PREPARE workshop and in-person meeting held – Dublin, 16 & 17 November 2022

On 16-17 November 2022, the PREPARE partners met in Dublin to hold their second workshop and in-person consortium meeting since the start of the project at the beginning of 2022.   

During the consortium meeting on 16 November, partners discussed their progress on PREPAREso far, shared insights and planned future research activities. In the afternoon session, the consortium mapped out how the different tasks and outputs from PREPARE are complementary and can feed into each other over the final seven months of the project. 

On 17 November, PREPARE hosted its second workshop, as the consortium joined a range of experts and front-line practitioners working with children exposed to and affected by violent extremism, such as psychologists, social workers and law enforcement professionals, to discuss PREPARE. The workshop was dynamic and collaborative, with practitioners participating both in-person and online. The aim of the workshop was to involve front-line practitioners in the process of creating the training and tool PREPARE is developing to support these practitioners in their work with children and families associated with far-right and Islamist violent extremism. 

In the morning session, TNO presented a prototype of the Child Vulnerability and Intervention instrument. The Child Vulnerability and Intervention instrumentis an interactive tool which seeks to guide and aid practitioners’ work supporting children exposed to Islamist and far-right violent extremism. Practitioners engaged in discussions to provide feedback on the instrument, its utility and design. Following this, the group summarised the main feedback to incorporate into the Child Vulnerability Intervention instrument to ensure it is useful and relevant to front-line practitioners when engaging with these children. 

In the afternoon session, Trilateral Research hosted a co-creation workshop with experts and practitioners to actively involve them in the development of Train-the-Trainer modules. Workshop participants discussed in small groups the content, format and delivery of the training. From the insights gathered, the consortium was able to understand the current needs of practitioners and incorporate these into the solutions we are developing to address the gaps identified.

Some of the PREPARE partners at the second workshop from Leiden University, ICCT, TNO and Trilateral Research