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Train-the-Trainer programme – Engaging with children from families with links to violent extremism

A comprehensive Train-the-Trainer handbook to support the work of frontline practitioners engaging with children whose families are linked to violent extremist networks. The focus of the training is the well-being and healthy development of this group of vulnerable children.

The overall aim of the training is to increase professionals’ recognition of some of the unique experiences that children may have when an immediate family member is involved in violent extremism. The focus is largely on families with links to far-right violent extremists and jihadism (including persons who travelled to or from conflict zones).

Child Vulnerability and Intervention tool

The tools developed aim at supporting the driving values of the PREPARE project: bringing the health and well-being of the child in the foreground about the security risk stigmatization. The team has created two versions of a supporting tool for the practice of social and health work for children. The tools answer the practitioners’needs by bridging the gap between the practice and state-of-the-art knowledge regarding the child’s development and contextual specificities of the three target groups of the PREPARE project. They have both been developed in a co-creation process with academic experts and practitioners and are two different ways of operationalizing the guiding questions, a set of questions based out of the literature and interview findings  

Clickable PDF

The clickable PDF is a simpler version of the tool, only showcasing the questions. Used as a PDF, it is an interactive support that allows the user to go from one category of questions to another, based on the type of violent extremism relative to the case.   

Demo of Child Vulnerability and Intervention tool

The smart tool is a more advanced operationalization of the guiding questions, with the possibilities to include functionalities such as a sociogram and a timeline. Depending on the answers to the guiding questions, the tool offers suggestions for risk and protective factors to take into consideration while determining the right interventions. This tool is meant to support the practitioner in their professional judgment. 

To try out the demonstrator of the CVI tool, please first download the Guiding Questions on your computer. Next you can access the CVI tool.

After you have accessed the CVI tool, go to “Settings”, select the document you have just downloaded, and click on “Upload”.

Now you can go to “Overview” and start your experience with the demonstrator of the CVI tool.

Although the PREPARE project has finalised, we appreciate any feedback, remarks and recommendations to potentially further develop the CVI tool; please leave your contact details in case you would like to be involved and/or updated on this. 

A Practitioner’s Guide to Working with Children in VE-Affiliated Families: Protecting the Rights of the Child.

The guide aims to provide guidance for practitioners on how to support children from families affiliated with violent extremism through a human rights– and rule of law-compliant approach, that centres on children’s needs, well-being, and long-term prospects, and helps mitigate the risks of stigmatisation, polarisation, and discrimination. 

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For enquiries relating to the Train-the-Trainer programme: Pinelopi.Troullinou@trilateralresearch.com 

For enquiries relating to the Child Vulnerability and Intervention tool: beatrice.cadet@tno.nl 

For enquiries relating to the Practitioner’s Guide: info@icct.nl