Javier Vilarin

Organisation: Ertzaintza

Position: Project Support


Javier Vilarin Graduated in English Philology and graduated in C.A.P. from the University of Deusto in 1998. He also has a second degree in Lifesaving and Lifeguarding by Kirolene (public center of sports education).

During his professional career within the ERTZAINTZA from 2002 to the present he has completed: the access and training course of the organisation, three promotion courses, a specialty course and several training courses, such as emotion control, leadership, command and control and various modules of psychology and sociology.

Regarding his working life, he has been an Ertzaintza agent since 2002. He began his service in the Erandio police station and later worked in the San Sebastian police station for two and a half years. During these years his work was in the field of patrolling within the so-called Citizen Protection. For 6 months he belonged to the Rescue Unit, specifically in the mountain rescue section, where he participated in several rescues. In 2007 he joined the Mobile Unit of the Brigade, where he continues to serve, at this time acting as an officer. This operational unit of the Ertzaintza is responsible for all matters relating to public order and events of mass gatherings of people, both cultural and sporting events, demonstrations, labor protests, etc.. This unit is also in charge of prisoner transfers within the Autonomous Community. At the same time, the members of the Mobile Brigade have received training to configure the immediate reaction patrol, responsible for intervening in the event of any armed threat or terrorist attack. Since 2017, he has also been part of the team in charge of managing innovation and development projects, especially in the H2020 reference framework.