Iosu Alonso

Organisation: Ertzaintza

Position: Project Management Support


Jesús Alberto Alonso Velascois the Chief of Brigada Móvil Unit. Jesús received his degree in Geography from the Basque Country University (EHU-UPV) in 2000. He also has a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Security sciences from the Abad Oliva University (2007) as well as a degree in Criminology from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (2006) and a Law Degree from Nebrija University (2016). Finally, Jesús received his Master’s Degree MNTSI (Master in Networks and Telematic Systems and Internet) from the Higher School of Industrial Engineers and Telecommunications in 2001. Since 2012, he is within the Central headquarter of tactical support of the Mobile Brigade and as Mayor of the Mobile Brigade, carries out functions of coordination and command of centres or operative groups under the direction of upper scale, in addition to the tasks that demands the execution of police services and the needs of public security. Finally, Jesús is leading Ertzainta´s R+D+I service.