Beatrice Cadet

Organization: TNO

Position: Researcher


With a background in intelligence and psychology, Beatrice has specialised in online safety and security by taking an integrative approach, working on bridging the gap between the human and technical aspects. Her previous endeavors include being an international safety consultant for Zeeko, a Dublin-based start-up working on online safety and a cyber threat analyst for RedSocks Security/Bitdefender NL. 

Now a scientist integrator at TNO, Beatrice has had the chance to work on a diverse range of topics regarding online safety, security and intelligence. She specializes in social engineering and socio-technical innovations in security and safety. As her work focused more and more on the human factor, Beatrice started studying psychology and is now training to become a clinical psychologist, with the goal to bring her expertise into the field of security. 

Beatrice took part of the proposal phase of PREPARE. As part of TNO, she will support the work on literature review and bring her expertise in psychology into the creation of the integrative tool, which will be led along with her colleagues.