Andrew Rebera

Organisation: AND Consulting Group

Position: Independent Ethics Advisor


Andrew Rebera (DPhil, CIPM) is a Director at AND Consulting Group. He specialises in ethics and data protection impact assessments, ethics risk management, and the development of privacy management structures. He is a ‘Certified Information Privacy Manager’ (accredited by the IAPP). Highly experienced in collaborative research, Andrew has worked on international projects on issues including privacy, biometrics, security and policing, CBRN events, crisis management, migration and the refugee crisis, informed consent, and digital marketplaces. He has also served as an independent ethics advisor on projects in these and similar areas, including human trafficking and the experiences of victims of crime. Andrew has published peer-reviewed articles, chapters, and encyclopaedia entries on ethics, fundamental rights, and technology. Currently his main research interests focus on research ethics, including the nature of informed consent and research with vulnerable communities.