Andoni Osoro

Organisation: Ertzaintza

Position: Research and Development Management, Basque Government Security Department


Police officer Andoni Osoro, with the rank of first officer, is a member of the Ertzaintza’s Brigada Móvil Unit, where he combines tasks as crowd control, riot control, security at major events and immediate response to terrorist attacks. He is also part of the team in charge of managing innovation and development projects for the Basque Government’s Department of Security.

Officer Andoni Osoro joined the Ertzaintza in 2007 as part of the XXI promotion. His career has developed mainly within the Operational Resources section, first joining the Berrozi Unit in 2010, where he specialised in VIP protection. In 2014 he joined the Brigada Móvil Unit where he combines the tasks of a riot unit with a more specialised one called PRI, responsible for providing immediate tactical-operational response to terrorist attacks. Since 2019, he has also been part of the team in charge of managing innovation and development projects, especially in the H2020 reference framework. Over the past few years, he has developed his academic career within the security sector at the University Isabel I of Castilla, specifically focusing his studies in the field of risk analysis and assessment, and the development of security plans.